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Life Drawing

Life Drawing classes normally take place on the first and third Wednesday Evening of the month at 7 to 9pm at Swan Studio.

We have a variety of male and female models, the sessions usually have a 10 minute refreshment break half way through.

Currently costs are £5 for members and £7 for non members, and booking is not normally required.

Whole day Life sessions
We normally hold whole day life drawing and painting sessions at Treswell village hall.
We will email members and non-members interested in Life Drawing when these have been arranged and put details on this page.

Non-members interested in Life Drawing
If you do not belong to Retford Art Society but are interesting in attending some of our Life Drawing sessions you can be sent information that we send out to members by sending your email address to and requesting that you be put on our mailing list.

By sending us your email you are giving us permission to send you information about the Retford Art Society by email. We will not give your email address to any third party.

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