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Taking a photograph of your precious works of art is important if you want to display an accurate impression. After all, you have probably spent hours getting the right colours and textures before signing. It would be a pity to spend all that time and effort only to be let down by a poor image. What's more, you may even want to make limited edition prints of your work and you will want them to be as near to the original as possible.

Place your unframed painting in a good light, preferably daylight, but not direct sunlight.

Make sure there are no reflective colours around.

Most cameras are good, even in phones, but the better the camera the better the result.

Use a tripod or place your camera on a solid surface to avoid movement whilst shooting.

Line your camera at 90˚ to the centre of your artwork, making sure the edge of the painting is parallel to the edge of the photo frame and shoot.

Finally make any corrections in a photo editing app.

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